Can you have more than one best friend?

Can you have more than one best friend?

The word “best” suggests something is the pinnacle, the top banana. When someone is a “best friend,” the implication is that person is #1.

If you care deeply about grammar (which we do), then the phrase means there can only be one. However, we reject this idea.

A single best friend is too limiting. It's a recipe for hurt feelings. Instead, we think you can have many best friends, for different contexts and chapters of your life.

In fact, when you were a kid, maybe you had a best friend who lived down the block. And another best friend from the swim team, and another from summer camp. Now, you’re all grown up and you probably have best friends from work, from college, from childhood. Maybe even that Pilates class (if you could ever get there regularly). Having lots of besties from different places and times is healthy!

The harder thing, however, is defining what makes a friend “best.” Is it about loyalty, or things in common, or the amount of laughter? Is it about the amount of time you spend together? Or is it just the act of defining the relationship as “best”?

So go ahead. Declare a bestie or two, (or twelve) today. Let ‘em know.

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