Try to guess who we are

We love games. So this is a chance to play. If you know one of us, we've hidden clues throughout the site. See if you can guess our identity. And even if you don't know us directly... you kinda sorta do.

We're just like you, or people you know. You’ve seen us work, organize, donate, and vote. We prop up family members, science fairs, and birthday parties. We feed our pets and make sure you have clean underwear and soap. We keep the books, keep the faith, and keep on keepin’ on, even when our get up and go, has got up and gone. We remember wearing lingerie and the newest fragrance. Now we smell like Febreze.

Just don’t expect to see glossy photos of us in high heels with our hair blowing in the wind. We haven’t changed our hairstyle since 2000 and we wear sneakers. In our hearts and minds, we're going to run a marathon someday. In real life, we hit the snooze button.

So what's the point of THIS IS PRESENT? We want you to find your people, and send them a PRESENT. Be PRESENT for them. Most importantly, be PRESENT for yourself.

Look up from your phone. Stop "liking" and texting. Make a real date to meet for coffee. Heck, maybe plan an actual trip with friends. There’s no time like the PRESENT to give a PRESENT.

THIS IS PRESENT. Wear it. Share it. Pass it on.

Our Core Four

  • Hanging with friends: Making new friends, and keeping the old.
  • Having fun: Laughing so hard you pee in your pants.
  • Going for it: Trying. Sometimes missing the mark. Trying again.
  • Being present: Like really, really present. Minus the phones.