Blue sky with white clouds, sandy beach, and series of flip flops in many colors.

Summer friends

When we were younger, we had summer friends. The same sunburned faces every year. Maybe it was at the beach or camp. Or just the kid down the street who went to a different school.

Summer friends are different. They’re seasonal. Some of them were more dorky or more popular or more silly than our school friends. Sometimes they were family friends…or people our family never knew at all, just our friends, and no one else’s.  

One of the things about adulting is losing the seasons. The new year starts in January, not September. Lunch doesn’t come on a tray. And, a nap doesn’t sound like punishment, but rather a glorious luxury.

Let's bring back “summer friends.”

Maybe it means reconnecting today with a long lost summer friend...someone you only see on Facebook or Instagram now. Or, how about nurturing that July 4th annual's ok to eat a hot dog with that friend in June, too. Or maybe, make a goal for yourself to make a new friend this summer, someone you’ve wanted to feel closer to. 

Go for it. Be PRESENT for them. 


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